Stand Tall in Chaos



Chasity is a Professional Coach trained through the ICF accredited Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). 


After experiencing her first emotional tailspin in her career she asked herself…wouldn’t it be cool if I had complete control over my emotions? If I could pause and choose how I want to show up no matter the circumstance or issue.  If I could be totally clear on what my triggers and hot buttons were and why?


She sought out professional coaching to find out how to move her inquiries into action.  A true professional development enthusiast, Chasity believes everyone has the ability to control their greatness asset – their mind.

Her personal mission is to add value and positive impact to every relationship and connection she makes.  She helps ambitious professionals thrive in chaos through self-mastery and challenging self-limiting beliefs.  

In her day job, Chasity serves as a strategic business partner providing advisory, consultative, and organizational development services to clients covering the full spectrum of HR services including hiring, training, employee/labor relations, workforce strategy, planning, analysis, and relationship management to a variety of technical and mission support organizations for the last 15+years.

Married to her best friend and high school sweetheart, she is the mother of two teenage girls and a doting doggy named Puffy Chulo. A native of East St. Louis, IL, she has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign, a Master’s of Art in Human Resource Management from Webster University, and a professional coaching certification from the Institute for Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

Chasity Williams Life Coach

How I Can Help You

Which Coaching Package is right for me?


Coaching packages are customized to fit the specific needs of clients. The number of sessions, length, and cost are determined on a case by case basis, however a general idea of the most popular offerings are below.


Self- Discovery/Pay it Forward Package*

1 1:1 Coaching Session & one self-discovery debrief

Price $50 minimum donation

The Pay it Forward package is designed to foster a circle of selfless giving and generosity. The way it works is your coaching session is paid for by someone who came before you. Since it's a gift, you can't pay them back -- but you can pay-it-forward by making a contribution that will allow future clients to experience, not only the same feeling of generosity but also the power of coaching, changing both lives for the better.

Self-Awareness Package


3 1:1 sessions

2 accountability boosters

The Self-Awareness package helps clients get a clear perception of your thoughts, beliefs, motivation, emotions and reactions. You will understand what you do well, what motivates and satisfies you, and what pushes your buttons.

Self-Development Package


Customized Development Program with 6 - 8 1:1 sessions

Discounted Energy Leadership Index & Debrief

3 Accountability boosters

The Self-Development Package is a  deeper dive into the coaching experience to improve your awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, maximize performance and potential, facilitate growth, and  enhance your quality of life by  contributing to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Energy Leadership Index and Debrief


The Energy Leadership Index assessment measures your Energetic Profile, which is your energetic frame of reference. It is the filter, or lens, through which you experience the world in all dimensions – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, etc. The assessment also shows your Energetic Reaction to Stress which is how your thinking and/or your life situations might be creating stress for you.

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Business & Group Coaching  

A collaborative, solution-focused process using the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of the group to build leadership effectiveness and identify ways to improve teamwork, collaboration, and performance. This package is customized to fit the specific goals, objectives, and business needs of the organization. Pricing varies based on organizational need. 

Self-Mastery Package


Customized Development Program  10 - 12 1:1 sessions

Free Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief

4 Accountability Boosters

Free 1:1 Coaching for a family member, friend, or colleague

The ability to be fully in control of your emotions and reactions as chaotic situations come your way.

The Self-Mastery Package uses the Energy Leadership and Emotional Intelligence framework, to do inner-work on ourselves to with the goal of understanding the impact our patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving have on the people and situations around us. We will clarify what really matters most to you and creating a desired future moving toward it.

Squad Goals Support Network

$695 for 3-6 people

1 90 minute group session at a member provided location

1 1:1 session for each participate

1 Accountability booster for each participate

A party with a purpose for you and your support system. This package is designed for you and your tribe to come together and share no matter how you’re doing or what you’re feeling as a source of inspiration and support. Together we’ll explore your goals, what’s blocking you from forward movement, empower you to connect authentically with yourself, build authentic relationships and empower others to make things happen. Ideal for brunch or weekend gatherings with your closest friends and family. 

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